Arrudas’ Studios

The Arrudas’ Studios design is based on the following principles:

1- the proposition of internal spaces with great indeterminacy and openness, capable of conforming to residential uses through small modifications, though not originally designed for it, enabling small living units. This indeterminacy of the space, reinforced by the double height ceiling on each unit, seeks to extend the lifespan of the building by avoiding functional obsolescence, granting the project an architectural sustainability quality.

2- the understanding of the site as a geographic accident whose geometry and implantation logic are determined by previous careless interventions on the topography.  Not only existing rocks must be avoided, but also the altimetric variation defined by the slope must be taken advantage of to build the volume. 

3- the use of apparent structures and seals, with minimal coating, granting the building an austere appearance,  signifying a great constructive saving and easy maintenance. Ceramic bricks and concrete assure a worthy presence of the building among the landscape, also preventing premature aging of its architecture and conceiving a durable support open to appropriation, capable of resisting physical wear and tear as well as aesthetic obsolescence. This wouldn’t have been capable with the use of industrialized materials, for example, whose production cycles obey the logic of programmed obsolescence