Atlético-MG Training Center

The Atlético Mineiro’s Training Center building is part of the football club’s support infrastructure, allowing organization and operation to be independent of the youth and professional teams. The project is based on an attempt to provide maximum comfort to the athletes, done so through an economic construction, in view of the club’s financial limitations. To achieve so, the modular logic and the exposed prestressed concrete structure, alongside the use of durable and low-cost materials, were fundamental elements to solve the design issue with a clean plastic solution, without unnecessary luxuries.

The building’s implantation on a sloped terrain at the top of a hill next to the training fields oriented the design to be done in three staggered levels, as a way to enhance the enjoyment of the surrounding landscape. The option for a single built block  not only provided constructive savings in foundations, structure and roof as it also facilitates the use and operation, centralizing the management and control units, thus ensuring greater privacy for the concentration of players.