Aug 2011

The fourth issue of the monographic magazine Monolito will be launched on September 5, at the Lasar Segall Museum. The magazine, edited by Fernando Serapião, is monographic, that meaning each issue is dedicated to a singular work or to a set of works of a certain typology of in a certain place, the latter being the case of this fourth edition, which will concern the set of buildings at the Inhotim Contemporary Art Center. The main projects of Arquitetos Associados in Inhotim will be featured in the megazine: the already built Miguel Rio Branco Gallery, Cosmococa Gallery, Doris Salcedo Gallery and the Burle Marx Educational Center, and the project for the Inhotim Grand Gallery. The opening event will happen September 5, between 19:00 and 23:00, at the Lasar Segall Museum – Berta St., 111, Vila Mariana, São Paulo.