online forum of architecture in latin america- foaal 2015

Sep 2015

September 8th and 15th, the Online Forum of Architecture in Latin America (FOAAL) will take place. FOAAL 2015 is a virtual, open, and free forum that will feature recorded video lectures and live debates moderated by critics and editors from important architecture magazines and portals in Latin America. The forum is an independent event organized by a group of architects directly or indirectly linked to teaching and higher education institutions.

Presentations will occur over eight days, focusing on four thematic axes: Interiors and Humanization, Architecture and Identity, Centralities and Urbanity, and Peripheries and Inclusion. The topics will be addressed by architects and urban planners from various Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, and Mexico. All lectures and debates will be transcribed, formatted, and laid out by students from partner universities, edited by Professor Fernando Lara, and published digitally by the Nhamerica publishing house.

The Online Forum of Architecture in Latin America serves as a tool for the appreciation, dissemination, and promotion of debate on Latin American architectural production. The internet is one of the most effective means of disseminating knowledge, and the proposal for an international online architecture forum arises in a context where Latin America has been internationally recognized for its good practices in architecture and urban design.