the work of arquitetos associados is awarded at the são paulo’s 9th international biennial of architecture

Dec 2011

The Burle Marx Educational Center was awarded ex-aequo at the 9th International Biennial of Architecture of São Paulo in the exhibition category for physical support. The project was authored by Alexandre Brasil and Paula Zasnicoff. For more information on it, click here.

The NB House was considered a standout ex-aequo in the digital support exhibition at the same event. The authorship of this project is also attributed to Alexandre Brasil and Paula Zasnicoff, and further information on this work can be found here.

The Biennial took place between November 2nd and December 4th at the OCA, Ibirapuera, under the theme of “ARCHITECTURE FOR ALL: BUILDING CITIZENSHIP,” where the organization aimed for “the realization of a Biennial with emphasis on its didactic aspect, directly focused on the general non-specialized public and opinion shapers.”

The NB House also received an honorable mention at the 13th architecture award of IAB-MG, in which the Miguel Rio Branco Gallery was awarded ex-aequo for the best constructed work in the institutional – cultural category.