Burle Marx Education Center

The building is an organizational and access element for educative groups that visit Inhotim Institute. The Education Center acts as an arrival and departure place, and establishes an entry promenade to the museum. The arrival square takes the visitors to the reception area, where one can access directly the library, the studios, the auditorium and the coffee shop. The roof gives access to the museum. It is an elevated plaza with a great reflecting pool, where different botanical species still non-existent in Inhotim are explored. The building potencializes the relationship between architecture and landscape, floating over the lake, creating a beautiful garden on its roof, promoting open air circulation spaces, and integrating art and nature.

In this building, the experimentation of architecture dissolves into the exuberant landscape, be it in the promenade over the reflecting pool as well as through the multiple programmes of the building. The circulation is through verandas and contemplation and social spaces.