Capelinha Studios

The building Estúdios Capelinha 244 is an architects’ initiative – a minority among the investors. They were interested in presenting alternatives to the standardization of apartments available in the real estate market. It has 10 apartments, all of them with a private area, either on the ground level or as penthouses. The interiors are compact and distributed in two or three levels, integrated through a large open space in the interior that vertically enlarges the units. Therefore, the design seeks the possibility of a less determined and conditioned dwelling than that of the traditional models presented by the real estate market.

The spatial integration secures a better utilization of the spaces, avoiding the division of the space in small compartments, a common situation in the real estate market’s apartments. An open apartment, without walls, that allows the resident to bask in visual and physical integration. If necessary, through a fast, economical construction, and without waste, it is possible to close and redefine the spaces.