Claudia Andujar Gallery

The Claudia Andujar Gallery in Inhotim was designed to shelter the Brazilian artist’s photography work. The building is located on a slope with a dense canopy, accessed through trails among the vegetation. The site’s topography forms a small promontory which unravels the views to the surrounding landscape. This location informs the strategy used to define the location of the building, which cuts the terrain on the top portion, so as to reduce the presence of the built volume and highlight the singular presence of the three elements projecting from the slope towards multiple views. The differentiation between the part located on the cut portion and the elevated part seeks to balance the discretion needed on the larger built portion and the strong presence of the highlighted elements which identify the gallery in the landscape, avoiding any attempt of mimicry.

The building is organized on a single level, in a sequence of rooms defined through an intense collaboration with the Curatorship. The exhibit area is divided into three main sets, interpolated with transition rooms which mediate the exhibit spaces and the landscape. The variety of exhibit spaces is secured by alternating instrospection and openings, views to the landscape and to the internal patio, large scale spaces and intimate dimensions, artificial lighting and natural lighting.