cumbuco house

This residence design was oriented by the privileged view of the Cumbuco beach. A broad leisure and socializing space was created through the manipulation of the terrain’s original topography and the creation of two longitudinal volumes that serve as support for a third high and transversal one. This strategy guarantees privacy at the same time it grants an extension of the house’s living space, where outdoors and indoors merge themselves. 

The longitudinal volume is made out of a big stone wall and slopes that softens its presence to the pedestrian. Next to the neighbors’ terrain, the volume is configured by the service portion of the house, where the garage, the caretaker’s house, toilets, laundry, deposits and two suites are allocated. The big pool follows these axis and crosses the terrain, enabling its use during the entire day, given the continuous sun incidence. 

The dining and living room, along with the kitchen and porches, are allocated under the  transversal upper volume. All these spaces are integrated between themselves and also with the upper floor through the living room’s double ceiling height. The family room and office is located on the upper floor, around this empty space above the living room. The bedrooms were organized in two sections: the guest bedrooms on one side and family’s on the other. All these spaces are connected through wide balconies overlooking the sea, making use of the privileged view and the region’s winds. Two symmetric and opposed stairs secure the vertical circulation and its variation, enabling both indoors and outdoors (through the balconies) circulation. A green terrace over the roof slab also guarantees a panoramic view. This garden presents itself as a grand viewpoint that enhances and crowns the residence by the sea.