Grand Gallery and Inhotim Restaurant

Architects Alexandre Brasil, André Luiz Prado, Bruno Santa Cecília, Carlos Alberto Maciel e Paula Zasnicoff
Collaborators Manoela Campolina, Michelle Andrade, Rafael Gil e Daniel Gomes
Location Brumadinho, MG, Brasil
Area 6.200 m²
Project 2008

This new exhibition complex of Inhotim is defined primarily by an interpretation of site and landscape, reinforcing the nodal articulation character of its location in the Museum and defining multiple entrances coming from the different landscapes of the ensemble: the forest, the farm, the original garden. Designed to accommodate large exhibitions, the four blocks – including a restaurant – carefully redesign the original topography in order to create terraces, green roofs, and sloped gardens. By redesigning the ground, the usual scale of the existing pavilions is obtained. The interior spaces are characterized by the variation of materials, light, proportion, openings and enclosures, and articulation of levels, so as to create qualified exhibition sequences. An interchange between exhibition and landscape in the main routes of the building reinforces the creation of qualified transitions between interior and exterior through the definition of closed, open, covered, and patio-like spaces. The use of few materials stress unity: concrete and wooden floors; apparent structures and ceilings; tempered glass panels in the openings; green stone at all facades, with subtle tones and cladding variations; roof gardens as sequences of the surrounding landscapes.