Inhotim School

The intervention in the historic buildings at Praça da Liberdade – Palacete Dantas and Solar Narbona – aims at preparing them to the cultural use proposed by Inhotim Escola. It is based on the following principles:

  • the acknowledgment of the pre-existing elements and their historical relevance, not only as historical heritage, but as potential guidelines for the intervention, assuring minimum operation in the historical houses, and also inducing the design of new elements, built and open spaces;
  • the necessary re-articulation of the multiple levels at the existing complex – uneven at more than 1,50m in the historical buildings – and in the immediate surroundings – patio and street levels – through the creation of a main reception space in a level lower than that of the historical buildings;
  • the possibility of housing new spaces to fulfill the programmatic needs of the Institution – particularly a gallery and an auditorium – with subtle presence and minimum interference in the built profile of the ensemble and of the city block;
  • the desire of articulating the territory, increasing the permeability of the city block and creating new public paths through the existing voids of the urban fabric, in order to highlight the public and open character of the Institution.