KG house

The flat topography and the limited possibility of extensive views to the landscape oriented the program organization of this house in a single volume, on the level of the ground, closed to the street and open to a large internal patio, securing the necessary privacy for the interior. The project arises from the division of the program in three distinct sectors – living, service, and intimate -, organized under a single coverage, sometimes turned towards the internal patio, sometimes towards the well-gardened lateral boundaries. Its specificities define the orientation and position in the plan. In the front portion near the Diamantina street are the main accesses for pedestrians and vehicles, the social areas, living room, dining room, and TV. In the southwest portion, garage and service are located towards the neighbor, and the kitchen and leisure area are open to the patio. The suites are in the southeast: the access circulation towards the patio and rooms, more protected, are open to the morning sun and the gardens along the boundary. A choice for maximum integration between interior and patio was made for the social areas. This was reinforced by the intensive use of glass, by use of the same material on the floor, and by the extension of the coverage towards the exterior, forming overhangs that protect the house from exposure to the rain and sun. The integration with the exterior is mediated by the winter garden and by the brick lattice wall at the front. The pool and leisure spaces are located in the patio. On the Ouro Preto street façade, pivoting pannels in corten steel were created in order to allow total integration between the patio and the front gardens or, on the other hand, complete privacy. A shallow lake was created by the front gardens resulting from the mandatory setbacks established by the gated community. It forms a landscape barrier for the house and lowers the internal temperature on hot and dry days.