Miguel Rio Branco Gallery

Architects Alexandre Brasil, André Luiz Prado, Bruno Santa Cecília, Carlos Alberto Maciel, Paula Zasnicoff
Collaborators Manoela Campolina
Location Inhotim - Brumadinho, MG, Brasil
Area 1.540 m²
Project 2008
Construction 2008 - 2010
Photos Alexandre Brasil, Eduardo Eckenfels e Leonardo Finotti

Located in a sloped site surrounded by the forest, this pavilion redesigns topography to diminish the visible mass of the building, while defining a cantilevered structure that visually floats over the terrain. An entrance area is defined in half level with the two main exhibition spaces. Treated as a continuation of the exterior area, the covered plaza configures a transitional space that organizes flows, houses facilities and allows visual interaction with the underground square room, located 4.5 meters below. The other exhibition space, on the other hand, is a closed regular pavilion on the upper floor, defined by the corten steel volume. This dominant formal element, built with an steel structure that allows maximum flexibility for the interior spaces, presents some subtle formal distortions that allow the creation of linear skylights along the main walls.