Moreira Salles Institute | Finalist

This proposal for Institute Moreira Salles’s headquarters in Sao Paulo presents an austere building, with rational construction that avoids monumentalization whether through formal elaboration or self-expression. The proposed building deliberately opts for establishing subtle relationships with the urban space, always tracked through complex and diversified internal spaces which are inserted to different pathways with introspective character, establishing spaces for its activities and for cultural life. Its openings reveal unexpected views of metropolis in the spaces of movement and connection between exhibitions. There are also varied spatial voids to strengthen its internal support function and venue of activities and cultural life that will be developed there. It seeks to qualify the internal spaces for different uses, strengthening its public character and promoting a great opening to its future occupation. Therefore, the indeterminacy of usages, the universal design and the possibility of transforming their spaces as the varied institutional and curatorial demands that will be presented over the life of the building are foundations for the project.