NB house

The strong slope of the site and the different view’s possibility – from the mountains and the city – guided the house’s implantation on the site’s superior area, where the slope is more pleasant. A sinuous ramp connected with the pedestrian way by its side achieves the first plateau where are: hall, wine cellar, bathrooms, service areas and garage. Two stairs provide the connection with the superior floor, which is on level with a leisure central square built above the original terrain, surrounded by two glass pavilions. The frontal one is dedicated to common use and is open to the city’s view. In this area are: kitchen, living room, dining room and balcony. On the posterior pavilion, oriented to the mountains, are the private areas. The corridor that connects these pavilions is enlarged to configure on more private living room. Bellow this area is the kids’ room. The concrete structure allowed the use of large voids.