Ouro Preto Studios

Estudios Ouro Preto overlays two buildings in one: the first, 10 apartments for rent on the first floors; the second, two penthouse apartments, for the owners, with independent access and parking. Local legislation limits height to 4 floors, plus a terrace floor with a maximum of 40% of the standard floor.

The solution traditionally adopted by the local real estate market is the “H”, with 4 apartments per floor, generally with low environmental quality. Considering the corner location and the views to the landscape on the higher levels, for the Paulino lake, located in the central area, and Santa Helena mountain range, on the opposite side, the distribution of the 10 lower apartments is done transversally, assuring that all the units overlook the street and access a private garden on the opposite border, while the higher apartments have longitudinal organization, favoring the visions for the lake and rising sun – on the side of the terraces – and for the mountains and the sunset on the opposite side. This disjunction between the guidelines of the internal organization is equated constructively through a rigorous modulation, which defines the basic module of the apartments in line – 3.00 meters large -, and of the central voids for lighting and ventilation of the utilities and service areas.

The apartments have a variety of typologies, with varying areas and number of rooms – 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms – defined by small variations in the appropriation of modular logic and the exploration of the extremities, which conforms exceptions in the constructive regularity.