Republic Memorial | 1st place

The memorial seeks to rescue the origins of the word “Republic”  [ from latin res publica ‘public affair’ ], reorganizing the city ground, reinforcing its primarily public character and enhancing culture and knowledge as its most representative monument. Through the highlighting of the daycare-school and library programs this Memorial takes on a posture different from the expected conventional sense of the word monument [ from latin monumentu. n. work or construction intended to transmit to posterity the memory of a remarkable event or person ], reaching beyond the mere recordation of republican history, it insinuates an optimistic idea of  constructing its own future. The daycare-school is conceived as an important part of the memorial’s program, assisting in the constitution of a cohesive complex capable of preserving the needed autonomy of each department and its subsequent activities. The site’s topography, characterized by the sloped hill towards the Piracicaba River’s bed determine the design approach alongside the important afforestation. The initial operation of cutting the terrain on the site’s middle point, parallel to the river axis,  guides and organizes all the program’s departments and external spaces. This solution creates two ground floors with fairly distinct characteristics. The inferior one, at level 492.00, concentrates the accesses to the programs and shelters a dry and flat square which suggests a possible integration with the Hotel Beira Rio complex. On the superior ground floor, alongside Tiradentes Street, the public garden is allocated, uninterrupted by any constructive element. The existing afforestation is preserved, maintaining the role the place already plays in the neighborhood. Its natural extension towards the river culminates in a 90 meter long and 15 meters wide esplanade at level 495.50. This slab acts as a roof for the daycare-school patio, the café and the exhibition spaces.The ground floors overlap and connect through lateral side walks and a staircase located in the center of the complex. This connection’s  passageway under the esplanade slab conceives the visitor’s access to the memorial. A second slab, covered by a water mirror, shelters the entire daycare-school program, organized around a void. The library’s building stands out from the whole complex, positioned over the bridge’s axis and Campos Salles street. It’s a concrete tower that houses all the collection and supports the service areas through metallic structures, surrounded by a transparent structural  glass skin. This way, the collection is visible from almost the entirety of the square. The library’s access is located at level 489.30, in which the exhibition area, open amphitheater and support services can also be found. This tower illuminates the square throughout day and night. The murmur of Piracicaba River’s water and the sound of children at daycare-school compose the scene. A Monument conceived through spaces and senses, like a lighthouse pointing towards the future.