Roofing of the central span of Florianópolis Public Market

The project has its base on the deep respect to the monument, understanding that the intervetion must never compete with the listed building by all means: formal, constructive and function. The new proposal ought to ensure the hierarchy importance of the existing building with its scale and articulation with the surrounding urban space and in its relevance as a witness of time and change.
Therefore, the premises of the project are:
-the insertion of an independed structure, that doesn’t touch the building and leans on the ground far from the existing foundations.
-the proposition of a retractile shelter of simple manipulation and due to the opening system also allows the complete openess or closure, in many combinations.
-the thinest structure, providing the most of transparency and minimum of visual interference.
-the approach of the creation of a new and especific microclimate that integrates Florianopolis’ sky, where the movement of the roof relates to the dynamic of the clouds, allowing that the wind step into the courtyard.