Vale das Araras House

Architects Bruno Santa Cecília
Collaborators Ana Fernanda Sasdelli, Caroline Teixeira e Fernanda Rabelo
Location Nova Lima, MG, Brasil
Area 297 m²
Project 2008
Construction 2009 - 2010
Photos Gustavo Xavier e Leonardo Finotti

This house was designed following the principle of a minimal impact on the ground and the local vegetation.
Therefore, the built volume follows the slope of the terrain, and was positioned as close as possible to the street, in order to minimize the interference in the remaining vegetation.
The functional program was splitted in three parts, and their ambiences make their volumes different form each
other. The private areas were sheltered by the volume anchored and scattered into the ground, while the social areas are defined by the great slab that overlaps the first volume, without touching it. Between them, there are a smaller volume that holds de service areas.

The arrangement of these volumes follows the site boundaries and lets the vegetation penetrates into the house, physically and visually.

The social spaces explores the continuity between interior and exterior. This ambience is enhanced by the extensive use of glass, the continuity of the floor materials, and the extent of the upper slab toward the exterior of the house.

Extending horizontally throughout the building, this cover folds down vertically until it touches the ground, in order to hide the presence of neighboring buildings. In its extremes, two openings between the vertical and horizontal bring the light and the views of the landscape into the house.