Jun 2016

Architect Carlos Alberto Maciel, representing Arquitetos Associados, is one of the 20 international guests at W.A.Ve., the Venice Architecture Workshop of the IUAV University, taking place between June 27 and July 15, 2016. The workshop’s theme is the industrial city of Marghera, a vast territory occupied for almost 100 years and facing enormous pollution and infrastructure obsolescence problems. The aim of W.A.Ve. 2016 is to discuss the possibility of requalifying the borders of that vast territory both at the architectural and urban scale as well as at the territorial level. Under the theme “At the borders: the disappearance of architecture,” students will be proposed to insert large-scale architectures in that territory that acquire an infrastructural role, inaugurating a new occupation conceived as a contemporary center of urban life, complementary to the singularity of the city of Venice.