le house

The renovation project for this house achieves a new figure and volumetry by replacing the concrete tiles with a metallic roof, which conceives greater lightness and horizontality to the building. The spatial integration between indoors and outdoors was crucial to this solution, as well as the creation of orthogonal and uniform environments, possible through the elimination of excessive pre-existing angulations. Always aiming to frame and enhance the landscape. 

The central patio acquires new proportions by demolishing an old deposit, which now allows new uses of its sunken terrain. The previous qualities of lighting, ventilation and ambience that this space already provided are now enhanced. The old dining room is also demolished, granting greater integration between living and dining.  A newly created wide porch becomes a part of this large and broad living space. The kitchen, now with a new layout and central island, also becomes integrated to these rooms with the use of sliding doors that make privacy possible when needed.

By relocating the indoor circulation and incorporating the bedrooms to the terrace, they also gain a new layout and expanded area. 

The pool and the outdoors now have new shape and design, which eliminates the guardrail and softens the terrain slope, creating large bleachers and stairs. Broader integration and dialogue between the house itself and the new garden with a beautiful view is granted through this solution. The horizons are expanded and enhanced.