Mariana’s Historical Center Interventions


The utmost respect of the existing historical monuments, seeking to reduce undesired interferences and to value, through intervention, certain open space structures and its relation to the surrounding churches and buildings. 

The use of local materials in its most diverse applications, reinterpreting the constructive tradition that gave rise to them. This use of recurrent materials in architectural typologies and historic and contemporary constructive patterns, is done as a way of seeking greater technical assimilation and plastic harmony between the newly designed elements and the pre-existing complex.

The preservation of the ambience which characterizes the 18th century urban complex, in order to prevent the new interventions from overlapping the pre existing buildings in importance, appearance and monumentality.

The consideration of current uses that take place in the respective public spaces, enhancing human occupation and proposing new alternatives capable of allowing future touristically and locally important events for the local residents and their everyday life. 

The search of greatly economic and of constructively simple structures, always seeking to qualify the spaces for public use.